Sunday, 1 November 2009

Some very late tomatoes

A few months ago I managed to get hold of some free packets of seeds from the BBC's Dig In campaign. I got them a couple of months too late to plant the tomatoes, but I gave them a go anyway and have been amazed at how well they've turned out. We're into November now, and they're still going strong.

Although I don't eat tomatoes myself, I gave a couple to my mum and she assures me that they are delicious and very sweet. I had hoped to preserve them and make ketchup, but since work is taking me away from home for a month I have had to concentrate on preparing the garden for screen number 2 and my tomatoes are sadly going to pay the price. Much as it pains me to pull up all that fruit before it's ripe, I am looking forward to next year's crop. This year's success has been really encouraging and I will definitely make space in the veg patch for next summer.

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